What’s the campaign about?

Every International Women’s Day, brand social accounts clamour to declare their support for gender equality. But the “you go girl” quotes and staged photographs obscure the truth: 77% of employers reported that women’s average earnings are less than men’s in 2021. (Gender Pay Gap Data, 2020-2021)

The Gender Pay Gap Bot challenges these messages of corporate solidarity by revealing pay gap statistics for companies who tweet using International Women’s Day key phrases. It uses data from the government’s gender pay gap service, and the whole process is completely automated.

By putting the data back in the spotlight, The Gender Pay Gap Bot enables the public to see through the messages of ‘empowerment’ and ‘celebration’ and hold companies accountable for the inequalities in their organisations.

Illustration of a robot making a fist, against a blue, purple and pink background, with a banner reading "equal pay now" across the front.


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    Press coverage

    Byline on Metro.co.uk

    I was fed up with companies using International Women’s Day to brag – so I set up a Twitter bot to expose their pay gaps‘, published 14th March 2022 on Metro.co.uk



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