Freelance copywriter in Manchester

Website copy underselling you? Social media engagement dropping off? Email recipients unsubscribing at rates to rival the stock market in 2008?

Let me help you fix that. I’ve worked with brands ranging from finance to photography and travel to tarot readings, to liven up their copy and transform their marketing from bland to grand. So whatever your industry, I’ll slip into your tone of voice like a chameleon and get your message across with clarity, accuracy and style.

Manchester is my home, but I work with brands, agencies, charities and public sector organisations nationwide. Thanks to emails, phones and Zoom, I can be based wherever you are.

Head and shoulders photograph of Francesca Lawson, copywriter

Why choose me as your copywriter

Yes, your mate’s cousin’s son who’s “really good at English” might well write your copy for free. But it takes more than good spelling and grammar to write good copy. Choose me and you’ll get…

  • Someone who understands that your copy needs to do more than look and sound good – it needs to have purpose and get results
  • Someone who can help your website rank well in search results without sounding like a robot
  • Someone who speaks your customer’s language, but in your brand’s tone of voice
  • Someone who’ll be honest with you about what will work and what won’t (because we both share the same goals right?)
  • Someone who’ll copy-edit before sending work to you for review, so you get outstanding copy with less time spent on feedback

Who I work with

I write copy for all sorts of organisations: big, small, B2B, B2C, for-profit, non-profit… so whatever subject you throw my way, I’ll turn it into compelling writing which has your customer hooked.

So as long as you’re not a racist, sexist or a transphobe we can work together just fine.

Who I don’t work with

I don’t accept work that would compromise my values and integrity.

So if your company makes money off polluting the earth, exploiting vulnerable people, or promoting unattainable and unhealthy beauty standards, this is your cue to see yourself out. I’m looking at you, Bootea, Betfred and BP…