What’s the campaign about?

Al Fresco Holidays needed a campaign to launch their 2022 season and encourage early booking.

But after two years of Covid-19 cancellations, travel restrictions, and increased health risks, Al Fresco’s audience was apprehensive about travel, and even more apprehensive about planning a holiday so far in advance.

Summers under Covid restrictions left us all wanting more, so the campaign focused around Al Fresco Holidays being the one to deliver it. 

It positions Al Fresco’s variety of destinations, activities, and experiences as providing that sense of freedom and relief we’ve all been craving after the pandemic. It aims to inspire prospects that 2022 holidays aren’t ‘going back to normal’, they’re going to be better than before — because with Al Fresco, you can Do More Next Summer. 


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Six emails, sent at roughly fortnightly intervals between September and December 2021.