How much does it cost to hire a copywriter?

The average day rate for a freelance copywriter is £387. That’s roughly between an electrician’s and an architect’s day rate.

But when you hire an electrician you pay for more than just their time: the skills needed to rewire your house took years of training, practicing, and probably a few shocks along the way. They’ll need parts, equipment, and possibly a couple of mates to help too. So they usually charge you one fee for the whole job — and that’s how I like to do things too.

Why I charge by the project

No surprise costs

Just like the electrician from my analogy, everything’s included in the fee I quote you: research, writing, proofreading — down to the pen and paper I use to scribble down ideas for your copy. So you know exactly how much you’ll pay right from the start.

Value isn’t measured in days and hours

When you see an impressive ad, is your first thought, “Wow, that must have taken the copywriter ages”, or “Wow, that copywriter’s goooood”? Writing unignorable copy takes skill, expertise and creativity — and with a per-project fee, that’s what you pay me for.

Creativity never clocks off

My best ideas happen at unbillable moments: on a walk, at the pool, in the shower… and a per-project fee takes that into account. You’re not paying me to sit at a desk staring at a Google Doc, you’re paying for brilliant ideas — whenever and wherever they pop up.

This is what I look like when I’m thinking about your copy.

So how much does copywriting cost?

My day rate is £400.

But because I charge by the project, I’ll send you a personalised quote after your copy consultation — so the price you pay reflects exactly what you need. An artisan bakery has different needs to Greggs, which has different needs to you. So why would you all pay the same price?

And to save you booking a consultation just to find out if you can afford me, here’s a rough idea of what to expect. These are guide prices — so a more basic project may cost less, and a detailed one a bit more.

ServiceGuide price
Website copy£300 per page
Blogs£550 up to 1000 words
Email copy£200 per email
Brochures, Ebooks and whitepapers£1,500 up to 8 pages
Print and direct mail advertising£450
Product descriptions£200 per product
Social media content and management£1,250 per account, per month
Proofreading and editing£100 per piece
Rush fee applies for projects with less than two weeks lead time25% of the total project cost

What’s included in my copywriting rates?

  • Fresh, original copy that expresses your personality, inspires action and gets results
  • The creativity, expertise, and skill of a copywriter with a pretty big portfolio and an English degree’s worth of language knowledge
  • Research and planning to find new angles and ideas your competitors wish they’d thought of
  • Proofreading and editing for clarity, readability, tone, style and accuracy
  • Up to two rounds of revisions to get your copy just the way you like it
  • Suggestions for image choices or design elements where needed
  • Communication and collaboration by phone, email, and Zoom during working hours

Copywriting rates for small businesses

Great copy is an investment in your business — the right words will win you customers, persuade them to buy, and help your business grow.

But when you’ve got a million jobs to do and no time to do them, writing probably isn’t top of your to-do list. So leave the words to me and free up your time to focus on what you do best — running your business.

I get it — I’m not cheap. So if you’re just starting out and your budget’s extra tight, book a copy consultation and we’ll chat about what I can do within your price range.

Payment terms

One-off projects

An upfront payment of half the total balance secures your spot in my schedule. The rest is due when the copy is done and you’re happy. If you need a tight turnaround (two weeks or less), I’ll ask for the full amount upfront.

Ongoing work

I work on a retainer basis for social media and regular blog or email writing projects. The first month’s fee is due upfront to kick us off, then in following months I’ll invoice you on the last working day of the month.

Is a freelance copywriter worth the cost?

How much do you value bringing in more sales? Growing your audience? Being remembered by your customers? 

That’s how much copywriting is worth. And working with a freelance copywriter like me is:

  • Quicker and cheaper than hiring a full time employee,
  • Easier and more efficient than writing your own copy, and 
  • More personal than AI writing software

So yes, freelance copywriters are absolutely worth the cost. But…

Price isn’t the only consideration

I picked the cheapest supplier to fit a set of French doors. A proper bargain basement outfit with a showroom in a former pub — sticky carpet intact. But I’d just put all my savings into buying the house itself, so I needed a low price, and these guys delivered.

You know where this is going — they didn’t deliver. They did a bargain basement job that started leaking three weeks later. And as I watched the rain trickle down the inside of the door, all I could think was I wish I paid the extra £300 for the other supplier.

So the moral of this story is, compare copywriters on value, suitability and vibe rather than price. Because when you’re on your fifth round of amends with a writer from Fiverr, you too will wish you paid the extra to get it right first time.

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